Photo courtesy of Jerome Jakubiec. Find him at

Photo courtesy of Jerome Jakubiec. Find him at

Future Present Films is the brainchild of Ira Blanchard. A filmmaker by training, Ira works with individuals and small businesses that want to create moments that matter. Whether it's filming a Lavender Farm in Upstate New York, a jazz singer in Astoria or a wedding in Napa Valley, Ira's fly on the wall intimate approach has often earned him the title "Film Ninja". Which has led him to take up Kung Fu.  

The team


Sara is an award-winning Design Director and Photographer and has worked with brands, small businesses and individuals both in the US and abroad for many years. Her work is visually arresting and thoughtfully crafted. 

Jason Head  

Jason is a visual artist who works in multiple mediums, video being only one of them. He shoots, edits and we are all better off for it.


Michelle has 10 years experience cutting both short and long form content. When she’s not busy doing this, Michelle can be found at home fawning over her cats. She is actually the subject of one wedding film on this site, see if you recognize her from the homepage!


Marc is an experienced editor with credits that range from feature documentaries, Netflix Originals, to home movies. Marc is great and you are undoubtedly in good hands when working with him.